Benefits of Merging Our Schools


Educating and preparing students for direction and success in college or a career is our highest priority. Of equal importance is being fiscally responsibility and good managers of our resources in the process. In today’s rapidly changing world, it takes high quality teachers, cutting edge technology, and a few non-traditional pathways such as early college and work-based learning to give students the competitive advantage they’ll need to launch successfully into life after high school.

Unfortunately, as our young people move away and enrollments at our schools continue to decline, we find ourselves working harder and spending more money just to maintain our current level of services. We need to attract new families - and new jobs - to our beautiful region, and we need to address the future of education and what it means to those of us who call Northern Vermont and New Hampshire our home.

After two years of study and exploration, we believe that building an outstanding PreK-12 school system that includes career and technical options will be one of the main foundations for attracting families with children; retaining our young people; and revitalizing our business community.

By combining our strengths - and they are many - we can build a school district that prepares our children for the future, brings new families to our region, and creates a business and professional environment that gives our young people incentive to remain - or return - home, to take their place as the next generation of north country tradesmen, business people, and professionals.

Benefits of a unified, interstate school district

Expanded offerings for students

Bringing all students together one high school will allow us to offer additional programs like AP courses, world languages, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) courses, athletic teams, clubs, and more.

Financial responsibility and property tax management

By reducing or eliminating duplication (school administrators, teachers, building maintenance, etc.); and by consolidating the purchase of school supplies and equipment, we can be more fiscally responsible and better manage the impact of school funding on property taxes.

More options for students

Merging populations increases the potential for stronger, healthier extra curricular activities such as key club, drama, band, chorus, robotics, club sports, and more.

A greater head start for college credits and career & technical training

Earning college credits while still in high school encourages students to consider post secondary education while reducing the cost of a college education. At the same time, studies have shown that combining high schools and CTE centers on the same campus create huge ‘crossover’ opportunities for students to prepare for college while also exploring careers in the trades - and often combining both.

Scheduling concerns

A single high school location reduces the limitations imposed on students who currently have to travel between schools to take courses of interest or importance to them.

Less competition for
highly qualified staff

No more competing against our neighbors to attract the best teachers, plus the opportunity to align staff development. Everyone wins on this one.

Alignment of curriculum

In the elementary and middle schools, aligning the curriculum across grades prepares all students to arrive at high school with the same background in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, leveling the playing field for everyone.

Benefits for all

All towns continue to have a school; no segregation of academic and career & technical education center students; pre-kindergarten provided to all students — a big help for working families. We will also have a larger and healthier sense of community.

Increased potential for alternative learning pathways

Students will have greater access to programs such as early college, dual enrollment, and work-based learning.

Through shared resources and expanded offerings, we will better prepare our students for success in the future.

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